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Which Are the Most in Demand Programming Languages?

If you are a developer, chances are that you are familiar with a lot of programming languages. With every passing day, newer languages get introduced, which is why it is important to keep upgrading your knowledge around programming languages. After all, the more updated you are about programming languages, the better are your chances of employment and pay. In order to be sought after by employers, you need to know about the most demanded programming languages.

So, which are the most in demand programming languages? Here is your answer.

Top 5 Most In Demand Programming Languages

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Considered at the top of the list when it comes to important programming languages, JavaScript is popular and very widely used. As a programmer, you can learn this language and do a lot of innovative things on the web. While it might be tricky to learn and have a lot of features that are initially difficult to understand, once you get a hang of it, it is sure to bring employers to your doorstep.


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Ruby is one of the most popular choices in programming languages. Used by many popular companies across the globe, this programming language is initially difficult to understand. It is considered to have a less steep learning curve as compared to other programming languages. It can pretty much act as a springboard and give you a jumpstart at learning various other programming languages.


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Designed by a Dutch developer, Python is a programming language that’s nearly a decade old. It is largely used as a glue-language in order to connect existing software components that are generally large. Considered as a high-level language, it is easy and simple to learn. This programming language offers a wide range of useful libraries as well as an extension for programmers. It allows for some reduced cost and time as far as program maintenance is concerned, since it involves readable syntax.


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Also known as Hypertext Preprocessor, PHP was developed by a Danish-Canadian programmer. It was launched around the same time as Ruby and has initial success. It is used for web-development since it is an open-source language. This general-purpose language can be integrated into HTML code and is used to extract data from a web-page database. 


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Almost 24 years old, Java has been around for a long time, unlike other programming languages. Considered to have stood the test of time, Java was developed by a Canadian scientist. It is a language that allows programmers to write once and then run everywhere. It is a compiled code and is also known as bytecode. It can run on any platform and hence is preferred by most programmers across the globe. 

With numerous languages that are available for programming, it is becoming increasingly important for programmers to stay up-to-date about most of them if not all. However, it is still the convenience and knowledge of a programmer that should determine which language is preferred. When it comes to the most in demand programming languages, there are sure to be newer answers with every passing year.

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